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別再說"I think",10種用英文表達意見的方法


還在用 I think來表達"我覺得"嗎?


* 要特別注意⚠️ 有些只適合用於寫作部分,用於口說會顯得賣弄、刻意以及文謅謅唷!


If you ask me,.......

E.g. If you ask me, the real problem is the way our government handle the problem.

To be honest,.......

e.g. To be honest, I am not familiar with this topic; therefore, I probably cannot give you much help.

personally speaking,......

Personally speaking, I would rather to travel alone than compromise any further.

In my opinion,

e.g. In my opinion, the use of plastic bags should be prohibited since without supply, there wouldn't be demands.

I would say that ......

e.g. I would say that earning money shouldn't be the priority; instead, having unforgettable life and experience is.


As far as I'm concerned,.......

E.g. As far as I'm concerned, studying abroad requires more than just money. It also requires courage.

It appears to me that.......

E.g. It appears to me that you don't care about anyone but yourself.

I would argue that........

E.g. I would argue that being a celebrity is not always a good thing.

From my point of view/perspective, ......

e.g. From my perspective, racism is something that cannot be tolerated.

I am inclined to believe that ......

e.g. I am inclined to believe that he is the best candidate to join this project.

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