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Make up不只是化妝品: 常見用法大公開!

你是否也曾被Make up搞昏頭呢? ,它的用法好多呀! 現在讓我們一起來看看吧!

1. make-up是「化妝品」

I put on the make-up before the meeting.


2. 當作「組成」使用:be made up of ※注意這裡是被動式哦 Our country is made up of several races. 我們的國家由幾個不同的族群所組成。

3. Make up sth. 組成、構成。

Car accident victims make up almost a quarter of the hospital's patients.車禍傷者幾乎佔了醫院病人的四分之一。

4. 可作為「和解」使用 My mother and dad had a fight in the morning but soon they made up. 爸媽在早上吵了架但他們很快就和好了。

5. 當作「補上;補償;彌補;替代」使用,所以「補班」也可以這樣用哦 You'll have to make up the work you missed while you were away.你必須補做缺勤期間本應完成的工作。

6. 當作「補償」使用: make up for

No amount of money can make up for the death of a child.無論多少錢都無法補償孩子的死。

7. 當作「補償(自己傷害了的人)」:make it up to sb

I'm sorry we can't take you with us, but I promise I'll make it up to you somehow.很抱歉我們不能帶你去,但我保證以後設法補償你。

8. 當作「編造」使用

The story he told you was totally fake. He made it up as an excuse.


9. 當作「準備;安排;整理」

Could you make up a list of all the things that need to be done?你能否將要做的所有事情列張清單?

10. 當作「補充,補足」

I have £20,000 and I need £25,000 but my parents have promised to make up the difference.我有兩萬英鎊,但我卻需要兩萬五千,幸好父母答應幫我湊齊。

11. 當作「下定決心」:make up one’s mind

She made up her mind to have a brand new life after she broke up with her boyfriend.


12. 當作「討好、奉承、巴結某人」:make up to sb.

Have you seen the disgusting way she makes up to the boss?


13. 相關諺語(idiom): make up for lost time 彌補失去的時光、盡情享受

I didn't travel much in my twenties but I'm certainlymaking up for lost time now.我二十多歲時很少去旅行,現在一定要彌補失去的時光。

參考資料: Cambridge Dictionary

本篇內容由Joanna English 彙整,請勿任意轉載。

本篇作者: Wendy Liang ; 協作者: Joanna Lin



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