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之前跟各位提到雅思大作文主要有五種題目類型,本篇會針對不同題目進行分析,若尚未閱讀 雅思寫作:大作文題目類型 建議先讀唷!




1. 當你遇到opinion 類型的題目,你要問自己

What statement do I agree or disagree with?

How much do I agree?

2. 遇到discussion 時,你要問自己

What are the views?

Can I agree with both of the views?

3. 遇到problem/solution 類的,你要問

What are the problems ?

Is it singular or plural?

4. 遇到pros / cons 時要問自己

Is my personal opinion needed?

Do I need to include which one is more?

5. 最後,當你遇到direct question時,可以問自己

Is the question about my opinion?


例題ㄧ :

It is generally believed that the Internet is an excellent means of communication, but some people suggest that it may not be the best place to find information.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.


Why do some people suggest the internet is good for communication?

Why do they think the internet isn't the best place to find information?

Do I agree with the first / second view?


  • 只說自己的意見:為什麼網路都不適合兩者

  • 只說一方的意見:為什麼網路是好的溝通工具,為什麼有些人不覺得

  • 講太寬:網路很好可以做很多好棒棒的事:購物、打遊戲…etc (完全離題)

  • 沒立場:未提出自己的意見

  • 立場不清晰:意見不清楚


Some people think that the best way to reduce the time spent in travelling to work is to replace parks and gardens close to the city center with apartment buildings for commuters, but others disagree.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Why do some people suggest replacing green areas in city centres with apartments can reduce commute time?

Why don't others think so?

Do I agree with the first / second view?


  • 只提出自己意見:我覺得這樣不能減少通勤時間

  • 只說一方意見:為什麼減少市中心公園綠地可以減少通勤時間

  • 講移除公園綠地的好處(離題)

  • 講移除公園綠地的壞處:沒地方運動之類的(離題)

  • 沒有清楚的立場

  • 提出跟移除市中心公園綠地完全無關的解決通勤時間的方法


With deforestation, urban development and illegal hunting, many animal species are becoming endangered as they lose their habitat and some are even threatened to the point of extinction.

Do you think it is important to protect animals?

What measures can be taken to deal with this problem?


Is it important to protect animals?

What are the solutions for the loss of animal habitats?


  • 討論該如何保護動物,但卻跟牠們棲息地沒關係

  • 討論解決其他問題的方法:森林減少、動物絕種etc

  • 沒有提到為什麼保護動物很重要或是不重要

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