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雅思寫作Task 2 大作文:必學的轉乘詞

在雅思大作文四個評分項目裡面,有一個coherence & cohesion ,要在這個項目上取得高分,你必須有邏輯地表達內容,並支持你的論點,另外必須要有所謂的轉乘詞來幫助做整體文章的連結,以下跟大家分享10個好用的轉乘詞。


1.        Furthermore: 此外 - 用來表達同方向的另一個論點

The data supports the theory. Furthermore, it suggests potential applications.



2.        Moreover: 此外 - 用來表達同方向的另一個論點

The study found significant results. Moreover, it highlighted areas for further research.



3.        In addition: 此外- 用來表達同方向的另一個論點

The company offers competitive salaries. In addition, employees receive health benefits.



4.        Conversely: 相反地– 用來表達另一面的論點(相對/相反論點)

Some people believe in climate change. Conversely, others deny its existence.



5.        Nonetheless: 儘管如此 – 用來表達另一面的論點(相對/相反論點)

6.        The project faced challenges. Nonetheless, it was completed on time.



7.        On the other hand 另一方面 – 用來表達另一面的論點(相對/相反論點)

The new policy has its benefits. On the other hand, some argue it could be detrimental.



8.        To illustrate: 舉例說明 – 用來表達例子

Many countries face water scarcity. To illustrate, India experiences droughts annually.許多國家面臨水資源匱乏的問題。舉例來說,印度每年都會遭受乾旱。



9.        Hence: 因此 – 帶出結果

The experiment failed to produce expected results. Hence, further investigation is needed.



10.     Therefore: 因此 - 帶出結果

The evidence is compelling. Therefore, we can conclude that the hypothesis is valid.



11.     In summary: 總結來說 -將文章總結

In summary, the research demonstrates the importance of early childhood education.



接下來我們把上述的轉乘詞用在下面論述urbanisation 的文章中


Overpopulation is a pressing issue worldwide. Furthermore, its consequences extend beyond strain on resources. Moreover, it exacerbates environmental degradation and social inequality. In addition, overpopulation intensifies competition for limited resources, leading to conflicts and economic instability.




Conversely, some argue that technological advancements can mitigate overpopulation's adverse effects. Nonetheless, these solutions often come with their own set of challenges. On the other hand, sustainable development strategies offer a promising approach to address overpopulation while preserving the environment and ensuring social equity.




To illustrate, education and access to family planning services empower individuals to make informed choices about family size. Hence, investing in these initiatives is crucial for long-term population management.




Therefore, governments and organizations must prioritize policies that promote reproductive health and sustainable development. In summary, tackling overpopulation requires a multifaceted approach that addresses its social, economic, and environmental dimensions.







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