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9種表達「I don't like it」的方法

1. That's not for me


Joanna: Hey, Sean. Do you want to join us for the dinner party?

Sean: Oh, that's just not for me. Enjoy anyway.

2. I am not into it


Joanna: Linda, would you like to go hiking with us this weekend?

Liena: well, I am not really into it. Thank you for inviting me anyway.

3. I'll pass (表示不參加某活動或不嘗試謀些新事物)


Joanna: Hey, Wendy. Would you like to have some Thai food some day this week?

Wendy: Nah, I think I'll pass.

4. I'm not fond of it


Joanna: Josephine, wanna go shopping?

Josephine: Oh, sorry. I'm not fond of it.

5. I dislike it (較少用)


Joanna: Who wants to go to the beach this weekend?

Leo: Ew! I dislike this idea! It's freaking hot these days.

6. I'm not crazy about it


Joanna: Let's go to the concert.

Fish: Oh. I don't think so. I'm not crazy about it.

7. I've had enough 我受夠了


Joanna: Do you know that Mina just broke up with her bf?

Fiona: I've had enough! Can't you stop gossiping about others?

8. I don't appreciate that (較嚴肅)


Joanna: Hey! Bro! Where's ur hair?

Benny: I don't appreciate that joke! I already worry much about my hair!

9. I'm not a big fan of it


Joanna: how about going to Thailand?

Will: Sorry, I'm not a big fan of it.

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