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別再只會用always, sometimes, never… 7種表達頻率的實用口語句


當你被問到How often…時,你只會回答“Uh… I always…I sometimes….”嗎?? Joanna 特別整理的f七種常見的口語句型,讓你的口語回答更豐富! 別再只會教科書裡的那一套啦~快把以下用法學起來!

1. I occasionally …我偶爾會…

I occasionally go to the church, especially when I have more free time.


2. I …on a weekly/daily/ monthly/regular basis. 以一個…的頻率 (每週/日/月/固定地)

I visit my grandparents on a weekly basis. 我每週都會拜訪我的祖父母。

I study English on a regular basis. 我以一個固定的頻率讀英文。

3. I… whenever I have free time. 每當我有閒時我會做…

I wash my car whenever I have free time. 每當我有閒時我都會洗我的車。

**whenever是指無論何時/每當的意思,因此本句也可以將後面的whenever I have free time改成其他的句型,例如whenever it’s a sunny day.

4. … once in a blue moon. 偶爾(極少)

My boyfriend calls me once in a blue moon. Honestly, I have been considering breaking up with him. 我男友極少打電話給我。老實說,我已經考慮是否要跟他分手一陣子了。

5. … from time to time 三不五時

Amy goes clubbing from time to time. Amy三不五時就去夜店狂歡。

6. … every once in a while 每隔一陣子

Although we live in different time zones, we still contact each other every once in a while.


7. … whenever I get a chance 當有機會時

I go to the gym whenever I get a chance. 每當有機會時我就會去健身房。



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