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中文裡面沒有介係詞,因此介係詞對於學生來說往往是最困難的部分之一,但是其實介係詞有兩種,一種是常用的時間或地點介係詞,例如:on Monday, in the house,另外一種則是搭配動詞、形容詞或名詞使用的介係詞,例如:He bought the rice for me. He's excited about the match. It has a big influence on my family.,第一種是有機可循的,而第二種則必須靠不停重複使用,才能記住。


in + 超過一天的時間

1. 世紀:

in 19th century 在19世紀

The castle was built in 19th century.

in 1900s 19世紀 (讀法:nineteen hundreds)

The teaching method was widely used in 1900s.

2. 十年

in a decade 十年內

No one knows what will happen in a decade.

3. 年

in 2000 在2000年

He was born in 2000.

4. 季節

in summer夏/ spring春/ winter冬/ autumn秋

It's very hot in Taiwan in summer.

5. 月

in January一月/ February二月/ March三月/ April四月/ May五月/ June六月/ July七月/ August八月/ September九月/ October十月/ November十一月/ December十二月

He was born in January.

6. 週

in a week 一週內

The essay is due in a week.

*7. 例外

in the morning早上/ afternoon中午/ evening晚上

I had 3 classes in the morning.

on + 一天以內

1. 星期幾

on Monday週一/ Tuesday週二/ Wednesday週三/ Thursday週四/ Friday週五/ Saturday週六/ Sunday週日

We went out on Monday.


on Mondays每週一/ Tuesdays每週二/ Wednesdays 每週三/ Thursdays 每週四/ Fridays每週五/ Saturdays 每週六/ Sundays 每週日


He broke up with his girlfriend on Monday morning.

2. 節日

on Christmas聖誕節/ Thanksgiving 感恩節/ New Year's Eve跨年夜/ Halloween萬聖節🎃/ Valentine's Day情人節/Birthday 生日

We always eat turkey on Thanksgiving.


3. 日期

We will get married on 10th September.


4. 例外 weekend 週末 (有兩天)

We don't have to work on weekends.

*long weekend 有跨週末的連假

*At the weekend 在澳洲新聞中常常會使用的用法 (感謝澳洲朋友Addy)

at +一個瞬間

1. 時間

The class is at 10.

2. noon中午/ night 晚上/ midnight半夜十二點

I woke up at midnight.

3. sunrise日出/sunset日落

Let’s meet at sunset.

4. at the moment 現在

I am not busy at the moment.

*鍵盤對話中常常把at the moment 直接縮寫打成atm

5. at that time 當時

He wasn't home at that time.



He always goes home before sunset.


1.this 這個

What would you like to do this Saturday.

2. last上個/ next下個

Let's go out next weekend.

3.every 每個

I have a cheeseburger every morning.


參考資料:Cambridge dictionary


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