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1.老鳥、老手:veteran He is a veteran who has been working in the company for over twenty year

2.菜鳥、新手:rookie、newbie He is a rookie who has worked in the company for less than a month. 他是個剛進公司不到一個月的菜鳥。

3. 加班:work overtime ※有些人會用extra work但是這是「額外工作」的意思 There is still some work to do, so I’ll probably work overtime today. 還有一些工作要做,所以我今天可能會加班。

4.下班:get off work ※有些人會用out of work但這個字是「失業」的意思 After I get off work, I usually turn off my phone. 下班後,我通常會將手機關機。

5. 請假:take … day(s) off 或者 leave He was so sick that he took a day off. 他身體不適以至於請了一天假。 Many companies provide paid leave for the employees. 有些公司會提供給他們的員工帶薪假。

6. 出差:go on business 或者 have a business trip ※有些人會用go on errands 但這樣比較像是「外出跑腿/辦點雜事」哦 I am going on business to Japan on February. 二月時我要去日本出差。

7. 上下班打卡:clock in/clock out或者 punch in/ punch out ※如果是在熱門地標的打卡,如Facebook、Instagram是用check in I have to clock in at eight. 我要在八點打卡上班。

以上內容皆由Joanna English 編寫,未經同意請勿轉載

作者: Wendy Liang (國立彰師大畢業,具TEFL教師證照)

校閱: Joanna Lin

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