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A closed book 一無所知的學科

Math is like a closed book to me. 我對數學一無所知

An open book 沒有事情隱瞞的人

Adam says he's an open book, but I've seen him sneaking out of his house late at night. Adam 說他沒有事情隱瞞,但我看過他半夜溜出家裡。

Read someone like a book 非常了解某人

You're bored, aren't you? I can read you like a book. 你很無聊,對吧? 我超了解你的。

The oldest trick in the book 常見的不良行為 (但依然有效)

It was the oldest trick in the book - one man distracted me while another stole my wallet. 一個人使我分心,另一個人偷我的錢包,這是老招數了。

In someone's good books 使人開心或滿意

I cleaned my room so I am in mum’s good books now. 我整理一下房間所以媽媽感到很開心(滿意)

By the book 嚴格遵守規定

The lawyers want to make sure we've done everything strictly by the book. 律師希望我們做的每件事都嚴格遵守法律。

Bring someone to book 處罰

A crime has been committed and whoever is responsible must be brought to book. 無論誰犯下了此罪都應該被處罰。

Take a leaf out of someone's book 抄襲/抄

You had better do it your way. Don't take a leaf out of my book. I don't do it well. 你最好自己做,別抄我的,我的沒做的很好。

Don't judge a book by its cover 別以貌取人

Jessica isn't as bad as you think. Don't judge a book by its cover. Jessica沒你想像的那麼糟,別以貌取人。

Cook the book 竄改數字以謀取利益

It's very unethical to cook the books.竄改數字以謀取利益是非常不道德的。

參考資料:Cambridge dictionary


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