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不管是在職場上、學校裡、生活上,都難免不了要詢問他人的意見,但是每每要詢問外國朋友時,卻總只想到”Do you have any ideas? 或是 Do you think … is good?” 今天要教大家詢問意見的六種方法,讓你的英文更道地!

1. What do you think I should do? 你覺得我應該怎麼做?


Amy: Hey, what happened? You look upset. 怎麼了? 你看起來很不開心。

Joanna: Well, my boyfriend didn’t text me the whole day. 我男友整天沒傳訊息給我。

Amy: Maybe he’s just busy. 可能在忙吧。

Joanna: What do you think I should do? 你覺得我應該怎麼做呢?

Amy: Just stop thinking about it and focus on something else. 別想了,做點別的事吧。

2. What do you think? 你覺得呢?


Joanna: Is that the dress you bought yesterday? 那是你昨天買的裙子嗎?

Amy: Yes, what do you think? 是阿,你覺得如何?

Joanna: It looks great on you. 很適合你欸。

3. What would you do if you were me? 如果你是我,你會怎麼做?


Joanna: Amy, I am in a dilemma now. I don’t know which job I should take. What would you do if you were me? Amy 我現在正兩難呢! 我不知道我應該接下哪個工作,如果你是我,你會怎麼做?

Amy: I would take the one with more opportunities to get a promotion. 我會選擇比較容易升遷的那個。

4. Do you think I should…? 你覺得我應該要…嗎?


Amy: Joanna, do you think I should break up with my boyfriend? Joanna 你覺得我應該跟我男友分手嗎?

Joanna: Well, I think he’s a great guy but if you are not happy with him, you should probably end it sooner to save your time. 恩…我覺得他是個不錯的男生,但是如果你覺得你跟他在一起不開心,你應該要早些跟他分手,別浪費時間了。

5. What do you suggest me to do? 你建議我怎麼做?


Amy: What do you suggest me to do in London? 你建議我在倫敦時做什麼呢?

Joanna: You should definitely visit Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Westminster and British Museum. 你一定要去參觀大笨鐘、倫敦塔橋、西敏寺和大英博物館。

6. Any suggestions? 有建議嗎?


Amy: What are you doing? You seem worried. 你在幹嘛? 你看起來很憂心。

Joanna: I am just not sure how to allocate the budget. Any suggestions? 我只是不知道該怎麼分配預算。有建議嗎?

Amy: Nah, I am not good at managing money. You should ask Wendy to help you. 唉,錢的是我一點都不擅長。你應該叫Wendy 幫你。


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