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學術寫作: 20個用來表達“比較”與”對照”的單字及片語


1. similarly 同樣地

I was brought up to be polite. Similarly, I have tried to teach my own children good manners.


2. in the same way 同樣的

His research finding in 2005 has been widely referred. In the same way, his newest finding is believed to be a major discovery in the field.


3. likewise照樣

Just water these plants twice a week, and likewise the ones in the bedroom.這些植物一周澆兩次水,睡房裡的那些也一樣。

4. by/in contrast 相較之下

Their economy has expanded, while ours, by/in contrast, has declined.他們的經濟快速增長,相比之下,我們的經濟則下滑了。

5. however然而

This is one possible solution to the problem. However, there are others.這是問題其中一種可能的解決之道,但還有其他的辦法。

6. nevertheless儘管如此

Airplanes are thought to be one of the safest public transportation. Nevertheless, accidents still occur. 飛機被認為是最安全的交通工具。儘管如此,意外仍然發生。

7. on the other hand另一方面

On the one hand I'd like a job that pays more, but on the other hand I enjoy the work I'm doing at the moment.一方面我想要一份薪水更高的工作,但另一方面我也喜歡現在的工作。

8. on the contrary 相反地

"I thought you said the film was exciting?" "On the contrary, I nearly fell asleep half way through it!"「你不覺得這齣電影很精彩嗎?」「正相反,看到一半我差點睡著!」

9. even so即使如此

An immediate interest cut might give a small boost to the economy. Even so, any recovery is likely to be very slow.立即降低利率或許會對經濟小有促進,但即使如此,經濟復甦無論如何都將是非常緩慢的。

10. notwithstanding儘管

Notwithstanding some members' objections, I think we must go ahead with the plan.儘管遭到一些成員反對,我還是認為我們應該實施該計劃。

11. alternatively或者、取而代之地

We could go to the Indian restaurant, or alternatively, we could try that new Italianplace.我們可以去那家印度餐館,或者也可以到那家新開的義大利餐館嚐嚐。

12. at the same time儘管如此

No one likes conflict, but at the same time we have to deal with this problem.沒人喜歡衝突,但儘管如此,我們不得不處理這個問題。

13. though 雖然

Though there’s no scientific proof, many people still blindly believe his claim. 雖然沒有任何的科學證據,很多人還是盲目地相信他的說法。

14. otherwise不同地

The police believe he is the thief, but all the evidence suggests otherwise (= that he is not).警方認為他就是小偷,但所有的證據都顯示他不是。

15. instead作為代替

He didn’t promote Cindy despite their good relationship. Instead, he promoted Lisa for her dedication. 儘管他跟Cindy有著好的關係,他並沒有讓Cindy升遷,取而代之的是,他因為Lisa的奉獻而升了她.

16. nonetheless儘管如此

There are serious problems in our country. Nonetheless, we feel this is a good time to return.我們國家存在嚴重問題。但儘管如此,我們仍然覺得這是歸國的好時機。

17. conversely相反地

Conversely, the experiment disproved his hypothesis. 相反地,那個研究證明他的假設是錯的。

18. equally相同地

Both scholars are equally respected. 兩位學者都同樣地被尊重。

19. differ from有別於

His views differ considerably from those of his parents.他的觀點與其父母大相徑庭。

20. resemble就像是、就如同

After the earthquake, the city resembled a battlefield.地震過後,這座城市看上去就像戰場一般。

參考資料: Cambridge Dictionary



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