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雅思口說:12個高分形容詞,輕鬆完勝Part 2


1.     Breathtaking (令人屏息):

The view from the mountaintop was absolutely breathtaking.

2.     Exquisite (精緻的):

She wore an exquisite gown to the gala.

3.     Spectacular (壯觀的):

The fireworks display was truly spectacular.

4.     Majestic (威嚴的):

The castle stood atop the hill, a majestic sight against the sunset.

5.     Serene (寧靜的): 

The serene lake reflected the clear blue sky.

6.     Enchanting (迷人的):

The quaint village was filled with enchanting cottages.

7.     Picturesque (如畫的):

We stayed in a picturesque little town nestled in the mountains.

8.     Radiant (光芒四射的):

Her radiant smile lit up the room.

9.     Lush (蒼翠的):

We hiked through lush forests filled with towering trees.

10.  Vibrant (充滿活力的):

The vibrant street market bustled with activity and color.

11.  Otherworldly (超凡脫俗的):

The cave was filled with otherworldly formations that seemed to defy explanation.

12.  imposing (壯觀的):

The imposing mountain range stretched as far as the eye could see, its peaks shrouded in mist.



Describe a picture/photograph of you that you like

You should say:

Where it was taken/drawn

When it was taken/drawn

Who took/drew it

And explain how you felt about it


I'd like to talk about a photograph that I really love. It was taken about 10 years ago when I travelled in Germany. I remember we went to a lake called Lake King, which was situated in the border of Germany and Austria. The scenery there was breathtaking and spectacular. After arriving, we took a tour boat and got to a place which was totally off the beathen path as there weren't other tourists besides us. After a few minutes walk, we arrived at a little cabin located in the lake connecting by a wooden bridge. That was where this photo was taken. In the background, you could see the lush mountains and serene lake with a little cabin on the left corner of the picture. The whole scene was picturesque, which made my smile in the picture radiant, too. Every time when I look at this photograph, I thought about the imposing mountains and the otherworldly scenery. To me, this photo is enchanting, bringing back all the lovely memories I had when travelling in Germany.





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